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How many of you have read the book ?

22 Dec

This is not just a book, it is part of a publishing revolution!

ePublishing is making big inroads into traditional publishing, and it is very easy to do. Have a look at and see how you can get your book published.

This doesn’t mean the end of traditional printed books any more than the introduction of television ended all radio.


Condiments of the seasoning

22 Dec

And a merry Christmas to all our readers!

Have a great holiday with all the usual vices. And try to make one act of kindness to a stranger. That’s how Christmas should be.

More sales of Troubled Waters

22 Dec

This is snowballing – just a bit!

Find out what the fuss is about at or via Amazon Kindle

iPhone paranoia

15 Dec

Am I alone in finding the latest iPhone to be a little like the computer, Hal from 2001, A Space Odyssey? At any minute I expect it to reply to one of my requests, ‘I can’t do that right now, Jon,’ while it cuts off my air supply. I’m not a complete luddite, or I wouldn’t keep a blog, but this is downright creepy. I remember one thing that was said to me when I took my first steps as a computer programmer, ‘Computers make very good servants, but are lousy masters’.

Just when are to to expect the dear little machines to start criticising our dress sense? What, that sweater, with those trousers? I don’t think so. Or maybe that would provide the answer. Make the voice either very camp or creepily subservient, more like ‘The Dresser’ than Jeeves. Then I would find it sufficiently irritating not to be worried by it. Until then I won’t use the thing.

Even Sherlock Holmes comes into it

14 Dec

Even Sherlock Holmes comes into it.

Even Sherlock Holmes comes into it

14 Dec

I was listening to a BBC Radio production of ‘Sherlock Holmes – His Last Bow’ yesterday. It was an espionage story set in 1914, and starred Clive Merrison as Holmes and the late Michael Williams as Watson. In the story, a German spy master is operating in England, obtaining precious military secrets. Holmes has been persuaded out of the retirement of keeping bees by the head of British counter intelligence, Captain Vernon Kell.
As I indicated in my novel, ‘Troubled Waters’, Conan Doyle was consulted when the agency was set up, and the first head of what was to become MI5 was indeed Captain Vernon Kell. And I hadn’t even read the story!


Book cover – Troubled Waters

14 Dec

Book cover - Troubled Waters

Cover of book, Troubled Waters. Available on Amazon Kindle and via: