iPhone paranoia

15 Dec

Am I alone in finding the latest iPhone to be a little like the computer, Hal from 2001, A Space Odyssey? At any minute I expect it to reply to one of my requests, ‘I can’t do that right now, Jon,’ while it cuts off my air supply. I’m not a complete luddite, or I wouldn’t keep a blog, but this is downright creepy. I remember one thing that was said to me when I took my first steps as a computer programmer, ‘Computers make very good servants, but are lousy masters’.

Just when are to to expect the dear little machines to start criticising our dress sense? What, that sweater, with those trousers? I don’t think so. Or maybe that would provide the answer. Make the voice either very camp or creepily subservient, more like ‘The Dresser’ than Jeeves. Then I would find it sufficiently irritating not to be worried by it. Until then I won’t use the thing.


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