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Pressing the right buttons

19 Jan

I have been asking myself the question, just how much can I second guess the tastes of my potential audience?

It would be good to just write exactly what I wanted to, but there are some commercial considerations. In the final analysis, the number of books I can sell is the prime objective of my writing. On the other hand, I can’t sit down and churn out a pile of meaningless drivel. But too much misplaced professional pride will not do, so I must find a middle way between self-imposed controls and what will sell. I tend to err on the side of my chosen path of creativity and live in the hope that what I judge to be interesting, amusing and good will be appreciated by my audience.

There is a difference between literate fiction and literary fiction. When I chose to write a books I had several considerations in mind. The book had to be the first of a series with some reusable characters. It had to have a setting I could work with, while retaining sufficient recognition for the audience to feel some connection to the events that take place. The book had to be entertaining, and I found it easier to create a thriller / spy story than any other genre.

The result of my deliberations was an historical setting, but not too distant. I would have James Bond meets Downton Abbey.

Judge if my efforts have been successful by having a look at the book: