26 Nov

For those of you who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is ending this week.
What’s that?
It’s National Novel Writing Month, a bit like Mother’s Day or Maiden Aunt in Woking Week.
The idea is to write a novel of fifty thousand words in November.
Now I’m not sure of the quality, and I need to make a lot of changes, but I have managed to nearly hit the target and still have a few days to go. I must admit that I have started on this story before, but I promise you that all the writing is completely new.
It is a really good discipline for budding writers to commit to a regime which forces them to produce a reasonable number of words a day. My experience suggests that the work produced by this method is better than endless reworking and weeks of navel-gazing.
I am actually pleased with the results so far and think it is the basis of a good commercial novel or screenplay.
You can have a look at a PDF of the thing as it was two days ago, on my website, http://www.chelonist.com – have a look for the link to ‘Eating the Owl’ on the Home page.


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