Election thoughts

20 Apr

I was wondering what songs, films TV and other media would be good for the upcoming election night.

Usually we get ‘Duck Soup’, the episode of Blackadder III, where Baldrick stands in a rotten borough, and have Alice Cooper’s ‘Elected’

All good so far, but a bit predictable. I nominate Tom Wait’s rap ‘Step Right Up’, and 10 CC’s song ‘I Wanna Be A  Boss’.

I’m sure you could come up with better suggestions.

Just one other thought and then I stop. This is a slightly modified part of a spoof rant in Private Eye, supposedly by a Tory Party spokesman. A good summation of what many of us feel:

UKIP, led by Nigel Farage, are a nauseating mixture of jingoism and rabble rousing, and UKIP voters are themselves largely made up of fruitcakes, little Englanders and closet racists.

There are several online message boards dominated by self-supporting UKIP activists who scream down any contrary views or have them taken down. All this despite frequent evidence that the candidates chosen by UKIP really are the most dreadful assortment of prejudiced morons, the sort of people you would emigrate to avoid. The best comment I have seen was this:

“UKIP, the present that just keeps on giving”.

That just about sums it up.

P.s. pass this on


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