Signings at a Georgian mansion

21 Sep

I had a pretty good weekend signing books at Berrington Hall, near Leominster,. Selling books is important, but getting the message out there is probably more important. I had another author come up to me to ask advice about publishing. And I had to put my other hat on to answer him.

Eating the Owl is beginning to pick up again after a slowish start, and I am pleased that readers who bought Most Secret keep coming back to buy the second instalment, Down in the Flood.

Now to push the marketing and do some smoozing on local radio.

Owl4 MostSecretCoversmal DITFCovSmall


One Response to “Signings at a Georgian mansion”

  1. Brian Southwell January 29, 2016 at 1:10 pm #

    I purchased ‘Most Secret’ & ‘Down in the Flood’ at Leominster, kindly signed by yourself. I put them away for Xmas and have just finished them both. I thought the descriptive sex in ‘Most Secret’ was rather an unnecessary piece of prose, and was very pleased to find such descriptions toned down in in ‘Down in the Flood’ having said that, both books were very interesting and enjoyable. I did not purchase ‘Eating the Owl’ as it was of a different era, and have just checked out the website to see if there were further publications on Walter Mansell-Lacey. Sadly not, however, the proposed novel in the 14th Century looks promising. I must try and keep a look out for publication.

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