Tell it like it is

17 Dec

‘He / she tells it like it is’ is a phrase I have heard several times in recent months. The main users of this seem to be those who think that Donald Trump and /or Katie Hopkins are wonderful. And did I mention UKIP supporters?

Telling it like it is needs translation. What it really means is: ‘Give voice to my prejudices and I will believe every distortion, exaggeration and lie you say.’ It is an excuse for being ignorant and stupid. Person X has the same prejudices as me and is famous. Therefore they must be telling the truth.

Donald Trump says that Katie Hopkins is a well respected British journalist. No-one this side of the pond thinks that she is well respected. I can think of many adjectives (and adjectival clauses), to describe her, but well respected isn’t one of them. A pathetic excuse for a human being probably covers it.

The three things wrong with Trump’s arguments are that they come from ignorance, stupidity and nothing else. I did listen to one piece of advice from my father, who said there is no point having an argument with an idiot. That is good advice. They don’t listen and they don’t understand. In many cases it is down to wilful ignorance, and that is the worst kind.

I sincerely hope I managed to insult some people in these few words. After all I am telling it like it is.


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