16 Feb

I find it ironic that during the last EU elections UKIP had a high turnout and became the largest party from the UK with 24 seats. There was much celebration in the UKIP camp. This election was held using a form of proportional representation. During the last General Election, in May 2015, the same block turned out to vote, but other parties supporters also bothered to vote in the traditional first past the post system. The result was a single UKIP MP in Westminster, Douglas Carswell. And he was a sitting Tory who defected to UKIP shortly before the election. Even the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, failed to get elected. UKIP supporters were incandescent with rage that they could raise 3,881,099 voters and have only 1 MP while the Liberal Democrats had 2,415,862 votes and 8 MPs.  Unfair, isn’t it?

This means that the UKIP MEPs have much better representation in the European Parliament, than they do at Westminster. But the European Parliament is an institution that they loathe and wish to leave.  So much do they want to leave that they very rarely turn up for debates or votes and offer no new policies or revisions of existing legislation. Yet they still manage to trouser the generous salaries (twice as much as a Westminster MP) and the expenses offered.  And these MEPs, because of their absence are NOT representing their constituents in any meaningful way. Three of the five worst attending MEPs are from UKIP. Overall they are the laziest party in the European Parliament. What a waste of space and money they are. It really is a national disgrace. Someone should do something about it. They have absolutely no respect for the people they claim to represent.

So, are UKIP supporters angry about these lazy, self-serving bigots getting onto the gravy train? Absolutely not, they think they are wonderful. Why are they UKIP supporters not jumping up and down demanding that their MEPs work for a living? They really are a bunch of skivers. So far as I can tell, UKIP voters are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.


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