Getting into the meat of the story

12 May

I have just completed a little over 3000 words today, having spent the previous few days plotting and planning. I even found a small town that was about right for the story, got hold of an old map of the place and set out the street plan with all the character’s houses marked on it.

For once I am not writing in a strictly linear fashion. but doing the big scene at the near end first and then adapting the earlier bits so it all leads up to this.

When I started out I wanted ‘Hark, hark!” to be a sort of late medieval Steven King book, but I really don’t have the ability to write that supernatural schtick without laughing at myself. I suppose my scepticism is greater than my ability to convince myself or others.

Anyhow, after endless delays and stop to research I am on my way again. As usual I over-research everything, and now know far more than I needed to about the Peasants Revolt, Lollards and Roger Bacon. Still, bits of it do come into the story.

I also read a few medieval yarns, such as Scott’s Ivanhoe and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Black Arrow, and I started Conan Doyle’s The White Company. The plots may be OK, but the cod medieval speech is a real turn-off. I have borrowed from Chaucer, Langland and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. My English teachers would have been proud of me. Now to keep up the momentum and finish the draft.

I came across a note that I made two years ago that I should include an ancestor of Walter Mansell-Lacey, (Most Secret, Down in the Flood), in a medieval book. That could be done!

Hark, hark, the dogs do bark,

The beggars are coming to town.

One in jags, and one in rags,

And one in a velvet gown.


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