Get real on Brexit

3 Jun

This is an altered pro-Brexit poster with genuine comments. (I’ll put the Brexit text in bold)

CRISIS – Immigration is out of control” – “Is it? The problems in the middle east are out of control!”

AFTER – open borders do not work” – “I think they do. I quite like a trip to France/Spain/Italy without having to worry about a visa.”

CRISIS – The eurozone has failed” – “Define failed? If by still operating and growing, while being the second biggest economy and the ability to help millions of refugees – yeah, it’s failed.”

AFTER – The EU is a diminishing trade power in the world” – “Where did you hear this crap? It’s the second biggest economy in the world”

CRISIS – We are losing more and more of our powers” – “12% of your laws come from the EU not the 60% Boris claimed! These laws protect our farmers and the most vulnerable.”

About EU immigration

There are just over 2 million EU citizens living and working in this country. There are 2.3 million British citizens who are living in the EU (but outside the UK).

Almost all the EU citizens are working and paying taxes. Almost all the British citizens are retired and not paying taxes.

The requirement for NHS treatment is very low among the young, fit EU citizens over here. The health care requirement for the British pensioners abroad is MUCH higher.

Now go and figure how much it would cost if the British pensioners had to come home while the EU citizens were chucked out. And did I mention the 140,000 EU citizens working in the NHS?

And most of the EU citizens say that they will return to their native countries within a few years. UK citizens can also work in the EU, though not enough do. It is a matter of give and take.

Could we stop EU immigration if we left the EU?

In order to avoid economic meltdown we would have to trade with our neighbours in the EU, and we do have a model for this in the deals done with Norway and Switzerland. These countries have to accept free movement of people within the trade area. If offered a similar deal for trade in the EU, the UK would have to agree to this. In other words it would have no effect on EU immigration. And it would still have to pay the EU for the privilege of doing this. Some figures say about half of what we now pay. But that figure does not include the rebate that currently reduces our payments. And we would have no say in any future policy. In other words it is a lose/lose situation.


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