Empty promises

13 Jun

I was watching a Midlands version of the In / Out debate last night. But I had to stop watching because my blood pressure was rising. Lord Digby Jones accused Tristram Hunt of lying over a point on immigration. What Tristram Hunt said was utterly verifiable. Digby Jones did not apologise. I had hoped for a more from him than the UKIP guy, as you can never get any sense from a ‘Wogs begin at Calais’ moron anyway.

What really caused me to splutter was the very same Digby Jones’ assertion that we can negotiate a different sort of trade deal with the EU than that settled by Norway and Switzerland. Both these countries have to allow the free movement of EU citizens in their countries. So why should the EU not demand that of us as well? In fact, given what many leading Brexiteers, (All for out, and out for ourselves), say, then the EU would have to be very forgiving to allow us even that.

Further, Digby Jones said that we are not properly trading with the rest of the world, and that this was a great opportunity. So, just what planet are you from, Digby? It takes on average 28 months to negotiate a trade agreement. What do we do for nearly two and a half years until it comes into being? Do the Out campaign actually have ANY plans?

You see, there is this thing about trade deals, the bigger guy beats up the little guy. It is like a dairy farmer trying to sell his milk to a supermarket chain. You know who is going to end up shafted. So if we try to do a deal with China they would probably agree after five years negotiation, but we would need to agree to fully opening our markets while having to wait ten years for the reciprocal arrangement.

Dairy farmers have to get together as co-operatives to do the negotiations or the supermarkets just divide and conquer. So, why, when we already have a trade agreement via the EU would we want to put ourselves in a weaker position? And, take note, we have already seriously pissed off our friends and neighbours.

Finally some facts about last year’s immigration figures. Of the three hundred odd thousand, more than half were from outside the EU. We already have full control of that segment. We already have a points based system, like Australia. If you want to come to the UK from a non-EU country you have to jump through numerous hoops and fill in endless forms. We have not signed up to the Schengen Agreement that opens borders. Leaving the EU would probably result in no fewer immigrants.

As for the EU migrants, they are almost universally young and healthy, in work and paying taxes, and they tend to go home after a few years, unlike the British pensioners in Spain whose return really would put an extra burden on the NHS.

It is too easy to blame foreigners and immigrants for our own failings. For years we have blamed the EU for red tape and petty-fogging rules. How come other countries are less burdened than us? There are approximately 7,500 EU ‘Civil Servants’ and 400,000 British civil servants. We are imposing this burden on ourselves. A change to EU employment law justified a 124 page booklet in the UK and a single sheet of A4 paper printed on both sides by the Dutch. If you blame it on the EU everyone has a moan, but are moaning at the wrong target. There are no EU inspectors. None, zilch, nada.

Successive governments have failed to build enough houses, especially affordable houses. The result is a housing crisis almost on the scale seen after WWII. Are more houses built? Does the government have a policy at all? The policy is to let things drift and not interfere. This allows the racists to blame the problems on immigrants. They are such an easy target.

But, don’t you worry about any of that, just believe the distorted or fully invented figures tub-thumped by the Out campaign. The snake-oil salesmen of the campaign will promise anything and be able to deliver precisely diddly squat, apart from completely fucking up the economy.


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