Interesting Times

27 Jun

We live in interesting times. Ever since the referendum result there have been people wandering around with worried expressions. There were four main groups who voted for Brexit, the blue-rinse/wogs begin at Calais Little Englanders, UKIP, ultra-nationalists such as Britain First and those wanting to kick against the system. Of those groups the fourth almost immediately realised that they were kicking against the wrong target and regretting their voting choice.

Looking at the faces of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove on Friday morning it was impossible to see any trace of joy, let alone triumph. They looked like Bialistock and Bloom when The Producers realised that they had a hit on their hands, despite producing the worst play in history. Neither are really conviction politicians and both almost immediately saw that they were in a very tricky position. Boris seemed to think that he would lose, or that if he won then Cameron would set Article 50 into effect immediately. Cameron just resigned instead.

It turns out that the Leave campaign had no plans what to do in the event of them winning. An interview on Sky News with an unnamed Tory Brexiteer proved that. Then Sarah Vine, AKA Mrs Michael Gove, wrote that we all need to get together in the too-late debate, after her husband had declared before the referendum that “Britain is fed up with experts”. He is certainly in need of expert help now.

In failing to set the EU divorce into decline, the nuclear option, Cameron has just shot their fox. Neither Boris nor Gove would be willing to press that particular red button, they are not THAT stupid. The entire campaign was to organise a political coup against Cameron, and it worked. Now Johnson is positioning himself as leader and is stuffed however that pans out. The Cameron loyalists will probably bring him down. Some of them know where the skeletons are hidden. And if he wins he will be unable or unwilling to activate Article 50, so will lose all credibility.

Now a piece of advice for Sarah Vine, and, by implication, Michael Gove. Like you, Mr Gove, I have read Machiavelli, only I see it as a Renaissance management techniques manual rather than a way to plot yourself into power. You can only retain the minimum of respect if you follow these steps.

  1. Get an intermediary to Cameron and plead forgiveness, and admit you were wrong.
  2. Tell him that you will scupper Boris’s bid for PM
  3. Tell him to wait a couple of weeks until prices go up and everyone can see the threat of Brexit from what is happening to their purse.
  4. Tell him that he can end his leadership with an act of statesmanship by recalling Parliament and giving a free vote on the issue.

Maybe after these steps you can be regarded as possessing some insight and wisdom and can be a background worker / junior minister in the next regime.

The Tories have been collecting money in a war-chest for some time now, and I am expecting a snap general election in the Autumn. That is why Labour are frantically trying to find someone more media friendly before then.


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