Brexiteer Bolsheviks

5 Jul

The Leave campaigners won the referendum. They won by lying to a minority of people who believed the lies and were told that all expert opinion should be ignored. But they won.

The behaviour of the Leave campaign strongly reminds me of the Bolsheviks, led by Lenin, during the 1903 Congress in London. Lenin, by manipulating the procedures and excluding many people who should have been allowed to vote, managed to get a majority vote on some issues. Having won the vote Lenin declared that his people were the majority of men (Bolsheviks), and his opponents the minority of men (Mensheviks).

As I have previously argued, the Referendum is a particularly blunt instrument which has virtually no legitimacy in the British political system. When we joined the Common Market, (as was), it was done by an Act of Parliament, and only another Act of Parliament can overturn this. That is the law.

Rigged votes were held as referendums in Germany in the 1930s which enabled Hitler to concentrate power into his own hands, exclude all but Nazis from government and approve the Anschluss merging with Austria.

Just because the Leave campaign managed to get a majority in a single vote it does not make that flawed vote the means whereby the country is put back sixty years.  Ours is a parliamentary democracy. We elect our representatives and they make the decisions for us. We should be choosing wise people who make wise decisions. Direct decision making is anathema to our system, as it bypasses Parliament. It is mob rule, not British democracy. To deny that is to be a Bolshevik.


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