Diplomatic skills

14 Jul

Theresa May, forming her cabinet, has appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. That is THE Boris Johnson, who has all the diplomatic skills of a fox in a chicken coop.

When I heard of the appointment on the news last night my jaw dropped. Was this some kind of joke? On reflection I can see that it in solves several problems for our new Prime Minister.

To sort of quote LBJ, “It’s better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.” For some reason I have never understood, Boris has a certain popularity and following within the Tory Party, unlike Michael Gove. So it is better to have him inside the cabinet.

If he does a terrible job in the role of Foreign Secretary, he will be sacked, and will lose all credibility. If he wants to make a go of it he will have to learn to behave, and that will mean that the Remainers within Tory ranks will have won the final argument. Either way he will have been neutralised or gelded.

What you need to know about Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is that he has been trained for power by his upbringing and education. His is the politics of the debating chamber, the Oxford Union. This is about scoring points in meaningless debates among a vanishingly small and unrepresentive segment of the population. It has nothing to do with any real world.

So, the question we wait on is, what kind of job will he do? Watch this space.


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