In Purgatory

3 Aug

On the 23rd of June the UK voted by a narrow margin to leave the EU in a plebiscite with a simple majority. On that day, under those conditions, the Leave faction won the day.

The immediate result was to see the end of the careers of David Cameron and Nigel Farage. I suppose the result had to have an up-side. I have a nasty suspicion that Farage will be back, after all, he resigned once before. I just wonder what racist issue he will pick to hang his sign on to.

Cameron’s only job was in Public Relations. The man did not just encourage spin, he was spin.  The much quoted figures of new jobs are a chimera, as most were just part jobs, incapable of supporting a single person, let alone a family. That is why the tax revenues fell so much over the last six years. People were not earning enough to pay tax. He gave sound-bites like a one nation Tory, but acted like a total git. The gap between the mega rich and the poor increased hugely during his time in office, and it did not go unnoticed.

It is understandable that those at the bottom end of society were very angry. When presented with such visible targets to blame many accepted that the black propaganda against the EU and immigration was true. When the case to remain was presented by Cameron, the man no-one believed, they chose to vote the other way, even where it appears to be a case of turkeys voting for Christmas, as in the Welsh town that had benefitted a great deal from EU funds, but voted to leave.

Currently we are in a position whereby our beloved new Prime Minister has given the Tory Leave campaigners the chance to work out how to exit the EU without totally destroying the economy. When they fail, as they will, she can sack them and have the entire leave element in the party discredited. Then is the time to hold either another referendum or a General Election, and not leave and never invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Until that happens we are in a kind of limbo, with falling production and investment, and a falling pound. We are looking at a prolonged recession and financial uncertainty. It is more of a purgatory, where the sins of the leave campaign, the lies and the racism, the jingoism and total lack of foresight, the refusal to listen to advice and the naivety, is burned out of us all.


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