19 Aug

There are a great many similarities between the British referendum vote to leave the EU and the campaign of Donald Trump. Trump himself claimed to be the face of Brexit!

One thing both campaigns have in common is the desire to marginalise the views of those who have knowledge or education.

When the Brexit vote was announced one of the first things that happened was that the winners immediately announced that none of their promises could be fulfilled, admitting that they had at best seriously misrepresented their claims. They also had absolutely no idea what to do next. Which is not surprizing if refuse to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about. There were calls for us all to work together. Tough, I will go on opposing the leaving. The one-time vote is not legally binding. Stop this madness now.

So, to you in the US who might consider voting for Donald Trump, please read this:


“Educated people generally appreciate the value of ideas, plans and solutions. They see value in process, experience and competency. They generally work in situations where groups of people share ideas, develop processes, and utilize experience and competency to produce complex plans to solve problems.

Uneducated people, and I’m talking about much of my family and people I grew up with, instead tend to appreciate strong leaders who satisfy their emotional needs, such as union bosses, dominant athletes and strongman dictators. They find processes, policy and complexity too detailed for their liking. They just want someone to fix it now.

Donald Trump has put forth no plans. He views expertise and experience as negative traits. He has exhibited strongman tendencies with his critiques of Mexicans, Muslims and disabled people. He says that only he can fix it. Of course he’s going to be favored by uneducated folks and criticized by educated ones.”



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