Divide and conquer

22 Aug

Much has been made of the similarities of the Leave campaign in the UK and that of Donald Trump in the US. There are strong parallels. This is from Ernest W. Adams, Writer in Politics of the United States of America, about the success of the Republican tactics:

“The Republican party’s extremely effective divide-and-conquer strategy. They adopt an anti-immigrant, anti-minority platform. Then they persuade white working class people that the real source of their problems is minorities and immigrants, rather than the plutocrats who actually get all the profit of their labor. They swear that they’ll solve working people’s problems by being tough on immigration. Of course, this doesn’t actually work because immigrants are not the source of the trouble in the first place, but it feels good for people to think that the Republicans are on their side.”

To me that sounds very familiar, very similar to the tactics of the Leave campaign, almost all of the popular press and the Conservative Party as well as UKIP.

The success of their campaign is such that in many areas what they say has become the truth, and no other opinion is allowed to be considered. In some pubs you risk life and limb for daring to suggest that it is not the whole truth, and I do not exaggerate.

If you feel brave enough, stick your head above the parapet when you hear anti-immigrant rants and just say, as firmly but politely as possible that you do not believe what is being said. Not only is it better to light a single candle in the darkness, but, to quote Herman Liu, It is better to walk alone than with a crowd going in the wrong direction. That direction will change if enough good people stick up for the truth.


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