Conspiracy theories

24 Aug

It occurred to me recently that much of what I hear from Brexiteers about the EU is complete fantasy. More than that, they have developed some ludicrous conspiracy theory that the EU is the work of the devil; that all foreigners are out to get us true blue Brits. They probably also believe in alien abduction, Atlantis, the Loch Ness Monster and the Easter Bunny. What I am not saying is that their beliefs are not sincerely held. Sincerity is a poor substitute for reasoned arguments supported by evidence, but it is probably the best they can do.

Of course the pro-exit press is whistling in the wind about will-o-the-wisp trade deals and chimeras of opportunity. Such mythical beasts may comfort die-hard believers, but will be seen to be the cruellest kind of joke if Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is ever set in motion. Until it is, there exists a kind of limbo in which all the economic factors are bad. Yet the die-hards will never admit that the idea of leaving was a very bad idea, based on distortion, downright lies and the fantasies of conspiracy theorists.


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