Plans, what plans?

6 Sep

The main problem in trying to get straight answers from the Brexiteers is that they are a loose coalition with a wide variety of beliefs and aims. What might be a suitable answer for one group is anathema to another. So when David Davies, Minister for Brexit, addressed the House of Commons yesterday what he had to say was bound to please very few.

The three leading proponents of exit are Davies, Liam Fox and Foreign Secretary (I still can’t believe that!!!!!) Boris Johnson. Johnson and Fox have been involved in a bitter exchange of words already, and neither of them has a good word to say for Davies.

What was absolutely obvious is that there is no plan, no blueprint and no sense of a single target. All that came from Davies yesterday was obfuscation and empty rhetoric. I’ve known more meat in a chicken nugget that in that speech. There was not a single date or number mentioned. These people never thought that they would win, and when they did they went into meltdown. They are clueless.

No senior civil servant wishes to become involved in the Ministry for Brexit. It is already thought of as a poisoned chalice. This is the end of the line for anyone with career aspirations. Next stop, DVLC in Swansea. This is one hot potato that is just too hot to handle.

Surely it is going to start to occur to significant numbers of people who voted to Leave that they have been sold a pup. The promise of £350m a week extra to the NHS melted away on the 24th June. Yesterday Theresa May stated that she would not introduce an Australian points based immigration system, and that was a key point that was common to most Brexiteers. (We had such a system before, and May, as Home Secretary, found it completely unworkable and seriously counter-productive, before she consigned it to the bin.)

Meanwhile, the rabid right-wing press keep looking for crumbs of comfort, and publicise any figure, no matter how unfounded, which seems to suggest that the disaster has not yet happened, and this points to the sunny uplands to come. A train coming in the opposite direction would be a light at the end of the tunnel for these peddlers of untruths. We are all in a phoney war until the nuclear button of Article 50 is pressed.

I reckon even all working together Davies, Fox and Johnson couldn’t organise the liquid refreshments in a brewery. Davies is an intellectual eunuch, Fox froths at the mouth when anyone uses the word ‘foreign’, and Johnson is probably the laziest man in Britain and a complete moral vacuum. If this is the finest that the country has to offer, god help us!

So now we know nothing more than we did on Sunday. The majority who voted bought an empty box that should have contained a flat pack and instructions. Only the box has not been delivered, and will not be because these idiots are in charge and can’t even decide on the size and shape of the bloody box, let alone what to put in it. What a bunch of onanists! If you voted Leave and still have no idea what you are going to get from the promises made, demand to know. Write to your MP.


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