The great experiment

2 Nov

I know a little about scientific method, and a small amount about what constitutes statistically significant results. Even this modicum of methodology allows me to judge whether or not I am being presented with a pile of poo when it comes to political speeches and newspaper comment pieces.

Come the end of March 2017 Theresa May intends to use the Royal Prerogative option to bypass Parliamentary discussion of any deal and trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Once triggered there is no stopping this process. Any subsequent parliamentary discussions will be meaningless. Moreover, what is being discussed at cabinet level, (or by an even smaller cabal), is being concealed from not just Parliament, but the rest of the Conservative Party. The bosses at Nissan know much more about what is going on than the vast majority of MPs.

Michael Gove, during the build up to the referendum, told us that ‘People are fed up with listening to experts.’ It is about time that this government started listening to them. Stephen Hawking, at last night’s awards ceremony declared that he could solve many complex mathematical problems, but that he wouldn’t be willing to work on any Brexit deal.

Quite what will happen is open to interpretation, but the vast majority of expert opinion is that it will involve a deep and long recession, perhaps for a generation or more. Of course, we don’t know about the terms and conditions, and Theresa May says she is playing her cards close to her chest. The suspicion will continue to grow that she hasn’t any cards to conceal.

What we are entering into is an experiment that will decide on the direction the country is going to take. This experiment has no known method, nor does it have a set thesis to prove or disprove. No-one seems to have thought out exactly how the results are going to be judged or what the real objectives are.

It is quite breathtakingly arrogant for anyone or any group to conduct an experiment which will, in almost all probability, result in deep economic woes which adversely affect my children and grandchildren, their ability to find well-paid jobs and decent housing. And to do it without the advice and guidance of people who do know something is bonkers.

Of course, as I express this opinion I will probably be told to shut up and stop being a remoaner. My answer is that I need to know what the objectives are, how it will be achieved and what the results will be. Only given that information will the people of this country be able to see clear and peer-reviewed expert opinion as to whether or not any deal is a good idea or not.

Brexit means Brexit, and Stick This Stupid Brexit Up Your Arse means Stick This Stupid Brexit Up Your Arse.


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