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Boris’ Tinkerbell Brexit

15 Feb

Poor old Boris, even his charm offensive has failed to get approval. Reaching out to Remainers in order to get their approval requires more than weasel words from a proven liar. All he gave us was a load of meaningless waffle, with absolutely no detail. Twenty months on from the referendum and we still have no idea what is going to happen. And the clock is ticking.

But at least we now know the figures the Department for Exiting the EU, (DExEU), was working with. Of course all the cheerleaders for Brexit have been falling over themselves to rubbish these figures. For all I know these figures could be rubbish. The problem I have is that there are no alternative figures. There are two possibilities:

  • Firstly, that they have no figures and are basing policy on pure guesswork
  • Secondly that the figures they have are so damaging to the economy and jobs that to publish them would mean electoral oblivion.

So they are either utterly incompetent or are in playing games with people’s lives. If they had any economic good news it would be splashed over the red-tops and in the Daily Mail. The silence of the cheerleaders speaks volumes.

During the referendum campaign all the leading Leavers declared that there was no possibility of leaving the Single Market. The Remain campaign said that leaving the Single Market would be inevitable if Leave won. The Leavers said this was part of project fear, and to ignore the experts. Now that the Leave cheerleaders realise that in order to fulfil the promises made during the campaign we would have to leave the Single Market they have changed the point of attack. After all, didn’t David Cameron tell you we would have to leave the Single Market? The reply to this breathtaking act of hypocrisy is to shout, ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire!’

Ever since narrowly winning the referendum the Brextards* have been whingeing about how the Remainers are trying to obstruct “the will of the people”. They know that they got lucky and could not win another referendum. They seem to believe that any critical thinking about Brexit will damage their precious dream. It is so fragile that merely saying that you don’t believe their claims is a form of treason. It is a Tinkerbell Brexit. You do believe in Brexit, don’t you, boys and girls? It seems Boris is aiming for this type of Brexit.

*Brextard is a conflation of Brexit, bastard and retard.