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A Modest Proposal

21 Apr

Katie Hopkins, in her “Sun” article says that the people in boats trying to cross the Mediterranean from northern Africa are “Cockroaches” and wants to send a gunboat to deter them. You are far too modest in your ambitions, Katie. If cockroaches are vermin, they need to be exterminated. So why not set up some kind of camp and exterminate these people who have so annoyed you. And it needn’t stop there. Surely these camps need to pay for themselves, so use the inmates as slave labour until they drop dead of exhaustion and recycle whatever is useful of their remains. And the younger ones could be used as a source of protein. After all, there are a million people using food-banks in this country, and we could do with some cheap protein.

No doubt you would argue for freedom of speech if anyone accused you of any moral peccadilloes. And who cares about rules about incitement to racial hatred anyway?

How ironic that the article appeared during the week of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

(Thanks, rather than apologies to Jonathan Swift for the idea).